Get to Know Knowledge Finance

Knowledge Finance was created in 2019 by MOHELA and is a tax-exempt, nonprofit, 501(c)(3) corporation. Knowledge Finance headquarters is located in Chesterfield Missouri, our mission is to provide support to the Missouri Scholarship & Loan Foundation, a tax-exempt, nonprofit, 501(c)(3) corporation.

As the go-to resource for customized servicing solutions Knowledge Finance has invested in cutting edge technology to support Direct to School, Direct to Consumer and Workforce Income Share Agreement channels. Our team is fully dedicated to providing world-class omnichannel customer experience. Through informative interactions we help students successfully repay higher education financial obligations by working with the student to identify short term and long term payment solutions, providing quick and easy access to report income changes, and utilizing third party income verification services.

Knowledge Finance Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is comprised of executive members from the MOHELA management team all of whom have dedicated their careers to providing their leadership expertise to the higher education industry. The first board meeting was held October 8, 2019 to elect our officers.